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PIRANHA Morcellation System – Urology

The PIRANHA Laser Enucleation System offers a comprehensive, precisely coordinated system comprising a laser resectoscope, PIRANHA scope and morcellator for treatment of any size prostate.

Key Benefits

  • High speed suction ensures maximum cutting force
  • Single suction opening avoids inadvertent intake of the bladder mucosal membrane
  • Oscillating cutting movement facilitates complete morcellation
  • Morcellated tissue is big enough for histology
  • Handle and cable are fully autoclavable


  • Easy to toggle between different operating modes with the foot switch
  • ‘PIRANHA mode’ for suctioning and morcellation
  • ‘Suction mode’ for suctioning coagulated blood or very small tissue chips
  • Tissue is cut, not chopped
  • Disposable tube sets make work efficient

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