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Thulium Cyber TM Laser – Urology

  • Laser Type: Thulium
  • Wavelength: 2010 nm
  • Power: 200W
  • Dimensions: 43" (h) x 21" (w) x 30" (d)
  • Weight: 440 lbs.

The Cyber TM thulium laser provides an ideal blend of high efficiency and effective coagulation, making it the most accomplished prostate laser treatment modality. The laser provides the ability to perform Enucleation, Vaporization or Resection and is intended for use in specialties including Urology and Gastroenterology,

Highly Versatile:
With the ability to vaporize, resect or ablate in the treatment of BPH, the user can choose between surgical techniques best suited to the size and morphology of the treated prostate.
• Vaporization: reduction of the prostate lobes by laser vaporization with either side or end fire fibers.
• Resection: reduction of the obstructive lobes into small pieces via laser resection
• Enucleation: involves the detachment of the prostatic obstructive lobes using the endoscopic instrument while the laser beam ablates for quick hemostasis

Superior Tissue Effect:
Vaporizes well vascularized or poorly vascularized tissue equally, providing effective hemostatis without creating deep coagulative necrosis seen with lower wavelength laser platforms.

Exceptional Precision:
Its 2 µm energy emission is primarily absorbed by water, ensuring the speed of vaporization is relatively constant. Tissue penetration is less than 1 mm providing a high degree of energy control, reducing the chance of unexpected thermal tissue damage.

Clear Surgical Field:
The consistent power delivery in continuous wave mode creates even and clean vaporization or cutting effect which keeps the surgical field clear of bubbles, blood or debris.

Fast Recovery:
In most patients, catheter can be removed within 12 hours, with discharge from hospital within 24 hours after surgery.

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