ForTec Medical’s COVID-19 Strategy

ForTec Medical remains committed to supporting you and your patients throughout these troubling times. If you determine that your patient needs surgery, we intend to be there to support you. While we do, we commit to taking every step necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We maintain an extensive fleet of equipment, operated by highly trained technicians throughout the country. This will help ensure any foreseeable service disruption can be solved with equivalent or alternative equipment operated by personnel you can rely on.

Be assured that ForTec Medical is following CDC guidelines and remains committed to providing continued healthcare service in the most professional manner as we work through this difficult period.

As a valued customer, please also know that ForTec Medical is actively investigating ways to expand our service offerings to potentially include room decontamination technology. Please reach out to your local ForTec representative if you have any interest in accessing such a service.