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Holmium Laser – Urology

  • Laser Type: Holmium
  • Wavelength: 2100 nm
  • Power: 35, 60 or 100W
  • Weight: 189 lbs. - 35 W; 440 lbs. - 60W, 506 lbs. - 100 W

The Quanta System Litho 100 Holmium laser emits at a wavelength of 2100nm at frequencies up to 80Hz which is critical for effective stone dusting.


This is an intuitive feature that assists in modifying tissue cutting. Instead of trying multiple settings, it starts with preferred settings then provides 7 levels of pulse width to finely tune the effect of laser emission based on visual feedback.

Vapor Tunnel Effect

Vapor Tunnel consists of a single specific long pulse which limits retropulsion and improves fine stone ablation (dusting). Vapor Tunnel is designed to optimize energy delivery from minimum peak power within the selected output settings.

Virtual Basket
Virtual Basket is a double pulse modulation that allows limited stone movement, while providing fine lithotripsy. In Virtual Basket mode, the first pulse is used to generate the vapor bubble and the second pulse travels through the bubble to ablate the target.

Pulse Dynamics
Get a detailed look at the bubble dynamics of the innovative Quanta Holmium Laser.

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