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Single Use Digital Ureteroscope – Inter. Radiology

The Pusen flexible ureteroscope delivers high resolution imagery for detailed visualization and accurate navigation for effective treatment of stones.

The single use scope is individually packaged and pre-sterilized giving you a new scope for every procedure. This eliminates scope reprocessing, maintenance, repair costs and any compromise in performance which are all common over the life of a reusable scope.

The scope is available in two diameters. The standard scope is 9.5Fr providing a field of view of 120°. A reduced diameter scope of 7.5Fr has a field of view of 90° and provides up to 147% better irrigation.

  • High resolution imaging enables outstanding visualization
  • Pre-sterilization eliminates any reprocessing issues and risk of cross contamination
  • Single-use product eliminates downtime and the need for maintenance and associated costs


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