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Flex Focus 800 Ultrasound

    High Resolution Imaging
    • Premium performance with efficiency and speed
    • High resolution 19″ monitor
    • Excellent Color Doppler with superb spatial resolution and sensitivity

    Advanced Imaging Technologies
    • Motion compensated angular compound imaging (MACI) ensures high-quality, real-time images using camera imaging technology
    • Automatic mode adjustment (AMA) optimizes high resolution B-Mode imaging when you change modes and depth
    • Triplex enables you to maximize PRF with a tight spectral envelope and real-time synchronicity between 2D and Color Doppler

    Extremely Maneuverable and Easy to Use
    • Small footprint—fits in the tighest spaces
    • Four hours plug-free imaging
    • Innovative, intuitive user interface
    • Smooth, sealed keyboard for easy cleaning and disinfection

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