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Fiber Dust Thulium Fiber Laser (TFL)

The Fiber Dust TFL is now available for the treatment of stones and precise soft tissue surgery.

The TFL delivers a range of power including extremely high frequency which is highly effective for stone dusting. Its high frequency working with pulsed emission at low power results in reduced stone retropulsion.

The wavelength of Fiber Dust is 1940 nm and is highly absorbed by water for maximal effect on stones and minimal penetration into soft tissue.

  • Reduced retropulsion enables extremely fine stone dusting
  • Efficient pulse energy distribution requires lower power
  • Standard power outlet requires no dedicated socket in the OR
  • Compact size presents a much smaller footprint in the OR
  • Low heat generated requires only a quiet air cooling system



Couple the unique Excalibur fiber with Fiber Dust for the optimal stone treatment experience. The Excalibur fiber features a safety sheath that protects a recessed fiber tip. The advantages of this are:

  • Scope-friendly:
    • Fiber tip will not touch the scope’s working channel, reducing scope damage
    • Passes easily through a fully-flexed scope multiple times, eliminating the need to back out the scope for fiber insertion
  • Durable: Vastly reduces fiber tip degradation and the potential for total failure

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