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OmniGuide – Neurosurgery

  • Laser Type: CO2
  • Wavelength: 10.6 μm
  • Power: Up to 25 W
  • Dimensions: 8" (h) x 19.5" (w) x 19" (d) without cart

The BeamPath NEURO CO2 laser fiber is a versatile tool that offers precision microsurgical capabilities near critical structures in confined areas, such as the spinal cord, skull base and brainstem. Additionally, precise dissection enables pin-point accuracy while working in close proximity to critical neurovascular structures.

Precise Cutting and Microvascular Coagulation
Intuitive design and maneuverability allow the surgeon to direct laser energy and cut and coagulate simultaneously without limitations of line-of-sight systems.

Extended Reach
The fiber’s flexibility enables surgeons to directly access previously touch-to-reach regions.

Increased Control
Handheld instrumentation allowing both no-touch techniques as well as tactical feedback.

Shallow Depth of Penetration
CO2 is extremely precise and a highly absorbed form of surgical laser energy.

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