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Aurora MD CO2 Isotope Laser

The Aurora MD is an advanced CO2 laser with power up to 30 watts that features variable emission modes, including Super Pulse mode. The Aurora offers the versatility of being a dual-delivery CO2 laser system with an articulating arm for use with handpieces and fiber delivery with a variety of CO2 fibers. The laser uses a self-contained air cooled system.

  • Isotope C-13 delivers energy at a higher frequency of 11,200 nm. This wavelength increases absorption resulting in higher tissue ablation with minimal energy loss.
  • Diode aiming beam in both delivery options ensures accurate energy placement to tissue.
  • Radio frequency excited laser offers cleaner and more consistent pulses with better energy distribution to desired tissue.


Variety of energy delivery profiles allows for optimal emission mode choice for each treatment, resulting in best possible outcomes.

  • Continuous Wave Mode: coagulation
  • Pulsed: vaporization, cutting, and ablation
  • Super Pulse: precision cutting and vaporization, minimizes charring and thermal damage



  • 500-micron with Aiming Beam
  • 500-micron
  • 300-micron
  • 300-micron with Otology tip
















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