One Source Partnership Program


    One Source: A ForTec Technology Partnership Program is your solution to the high costs and hassles associated with capital equipment acquisition. With One Source, healthcare professionals and physicians can schedule the use of medical lasers and surgical technology in their own facilities, with a dedicated technician, on an as-needed basis. ForTec can also provide a trained technician to run your facility-owned equipment when the need arises.

    Smart Equipment ManagementiStock_000022345759Small.jpg
    • • Minimizes or eliminate capital expenditure
    • • Eliminate maintenance and downtime
    • • Reduces the risk of obsolescence
    • • Avoid underutilization compared to projected volume
    Improved Staffing Efficiency
    • • You get personally assigned, familiar and experienced ForTec technicians
    • • No credentialing issues with multiple vendors
    • • Offset time and money spent on training
    • • ForTec technician can potentially operate and manage equipment you own
    • • Assist your team in planning and execution of scheduling
    Customized-outsourcing.jpgStable Partner
    • • Preferential pricing with consolidated service
    • • Consistent, local support ensures predictable response time and equipment availability
    • • Broad array of technologies for numerous surgical procedures
    • • Elect permanent placement of equipment if your schedule demands it  
    Being a One Source partner also gives you complimentary access to the Laser Education Portal: a valuable training resource that’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with content for beginners, tenured staff and program managers. Learn more HERE!

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