Laser & Surgical Technology

    High-quality mobile medical laser and surgical technology solutions.

    Supporting a wide range of medical specialties, ForTec Medical is committed to surpassing customer expectations through the delivery of the highest quality customized mobile surgical technology solutions and services.

    ForTec’s team of expert service engineers guarantees that our fleet of more than 700 lasers is meticulously maintained and ready when your healthcare facility needs them.


    Urological ENT GYN
    GreenLight XPS OmniGuide OmniGuide
    Holmium Aura XP Aura XP
    Visual-ICE Cryoablation CO2 CO2
    flex Focus 800 Ultrasound UltraPulse CO2 UltraPulse CO2
    Modulith SLX-F2 KTP/YAG KTP/YAG
    Dornier Compact Delta OcuLight TX Diode
    Argon Beam Coagulator   Aesthetics
    CO2   CO2RE Fractional Resurfacing
    UltraPulse CO2   Vbeam Perfecta
      General Surgery  
    GYN Holmium Orthopedic
    OmniGuide Diode Holmium
    Aura XP CO2  
    KTP / YAG KTP/YAG Vascular
    CO2 Argon Beam Coagulator Vbeam Perfecta
    UltraPulse CO2   Aura XP
      Ophthalmology Diode
    Interventional Radiology CATALYS Precision Laser System KTP/YAG
    Visual-ICE Cryoablation FEMTO LDV  
      OcuLight TX  
    Podiatry Ophthalmic Nd: YAG  
    Vbeam Perfecta OmniGuide  
    CO2 CO2  
    UltraPulse CO2 UltraPulse CO2  
    Non-Laser Neurosurgery  
    Argon Beam Coagulator OmniGuide