Laser Education Portal

    Check out the Laser Education Portal site HERE

    Through an exclusive partnership with Rockwell Laser Industries, the ForTec Medical Laser Education 
    Portal allows partners with laser operation and program management responsibilities to access a series of CE accredited online education courses and information such as:
    • New staff laser and physics training
    • Annual laser safety training for tenured staff members
    • Preparation training to become LSO and MLSO certified
    • Up-to-date laser safety videos
    • Program management tools
    It’s crucial to have the right training and procedures in place so you can prevent issues such as:
    • Staff injury from an O.R. fire
    • Ocular injury
    • Incomplete paperwork or accreditations
    • Audit Noncompliance Charge
    • Patient harm
    The program is FREE to One Source Customers and is a great way to make sure your patients have a safe and positive experience with your staff. Learn more by visiting the partnership and portal site HERE

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