SmartScope Laser Fiber

    Smart Design - The smooth, rounded design is instrumental in reducing expensive scope repairs, unlike standard flat tip fibers.

    Smart Performance - Energy passed through the ‘rounded tip’ fills in micro cracks hardening the tip. The strengthened fiber provides a longer lasting tip and better power density to target area.
    Smart Value - The cost of this fiber is 25-50% less than competitor’s standard flat and specialty ball tip fibers.
    Single Use Fibers Compatible with:
    Dornier Coherent®/Lumenis®, New Star, and Laserscope® Lasers

    Compared to flat and ball tips, the NEW SmartScope fibers increase safety and performance while decreasing costly scope repairs, all while providing a significant savings of 25 to 50%.

    An unused SmartScope Rounded Tip Fiber An unused competitor's traditional flat tip fiber

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