Fibers and Accessories

    Untitled-2.jpgEven for facilities with their own equipment, ForTec can become an integral part of any medical technology program. Our fibers are compatible with all major brands, including Lumenis/Coherent, Laserscope, Dornier, Newstar, Sunrise, Sharplan, Trimedyne and more.

    Traditionally, manufacturers provided the only source for fibers and accessories to help maintain medical equipment. ForTec specializes in reducing unexpected maintenance costs with quality fibers, at a competitive value, that are compatible with most of today’s medical technologies.

    We offer an array of holmium laser fibers at reasonable prices:

    • High-powered holmium or HoLap laser fibers
    • Disposable and reusable holmium urology laser fibers
    • KTP YAG fibers
    • Endoprobes for ophthalmic procedures
    • Endoprobes for ENT surgery
    • Disposable holmium orthopedic fibers

    ForTec also offers a variety of laser accessories, including:

    • Safety eyewear available for any wavelength with many frame styles
    • Fiber strippers—a full line in sizes specifically matched to ensure clean strips, without cladding or core damage
    • Scopes to check the integrity of used fibers

    First-time buyers: ask for our NO RISK PURCHASE. Purchase a box of five single-use holmium end fire fibers—if you're not completely satisfied, you can return the fibers for a full refund and we'll pay shipping both ways.

    Call for pricing and to place an order T: 888.244.4894 E: