Excalibur Holmium Laser Fiber

    The Excalibur Holmium Laser Fiber with Safety Sheath, provides a recess from the fiber tip to the target tissue (ie. stone). The advantages of the Safety Sheath are:
    • Scope-friendly:
      • Fiber tip will not touch the scope’s working channel, reducing scope damage
      • Passes easily through a flexed scope multiple times, eliminating the need to back out the scope for fiber insertion
    • Durable: Eliminates fiber tip degradation and potential for total failure
    • Ease Of Use: Provides the ability to safely touch and manipulate the stone
    • Ruler: Engraved 1mm graduations along the sheath provide an effective stone measurement tool
    • Indicator: Designated mark provides a reference point of the fiber position within the scope
    Fiber Anatomy
    The Excalibur fiber employs four separate layers of material including a glass core, glass cladding, coating and protective outer tubing, also referred to as the buffer layer. These elements work together to prevent stray laser energy reaching beyond the outer layer and also damaging the fiber.

    Fiber Filter and Blast Shield
    The filter prevents stray laser energy from entering the fiber’s cladding layer. Too much energy in the cladding layer could cause energy to spill over into the coating layer potentially causing major thermal damage to both the fiber and the scope. A glass ferrule serves as a blast shield to protect the laser’s optics from damage.