Buy or Sell Medical Equipment

    If you have outdated or damaged equipment in your inventory, ForTec Medical can help. We purchase surgical lasers, including the following models:
    • Holmium:YAG
    • Argon Beam Coagulator
    • 630 nm PDT Diode
    • Aura
    • CO2 Surgical Laser
    • IRIS Medical Diode SLx
    • SLT YAG
    • KTP/YAG
    • UltraPulse CO2
    • Dornier

    Please call us at 800.963.7101 with details about the equipment you would like to sell.

    ForTec Medical has used medical lasers and equipment available for purchase. For details about used equipment, including price, please call ForTec at 800.963.7101.