Bi-Polar Electrodes

    Our Bi-Polar electrodes are fully compatible with Olympus generators. Typically, these electrodes have only been available from the manufacturer. ForTec Medical helps reduce instrument costs by providing more competitive pricing on compatible technologies.
    We offer various electrodes at reasonable prices:


    Large and Medium Loops

    With a loop diameter similar to a mono-polar loop, these loops are for treatment of larger prostates, resulting in fewer cuts and quicker resection.



    Easy to operate, the disc shape creates a smooth, contoured surface with fast ablation ensuring the tissue is well coagulated. Stacked disc design helps optimize speed of ablation.


    Description Item # Units / Box
    Bipolar 12º Large Cutting Loop 24 Fr/ Electrode-Sterile Single Use FCL-24-00 6
    Bipolar 12º Medium Cutting Loop 24 Fr. Electrode-Sterile, Single Use FCL-24M-00 6
    Bipolar Plasma Vaporization Disc 24 Fr. Electrode-Sterile, Single Use FPD-24-00 6


    Treatment with Bi-Polar Electrodes

    ForTec Medical’s Bi-Polar Electrodes provide an effective, virtually bloodless BPH treatment when compared with Mono-Polar electrodes.

    • • Safe and reliable bi-polar resection in saline

    • • Rapid plasma ignition

    • • Minimal obturator nerve stimulation

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