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Laser Cataract Surgery

The CATALYS® Laser System is an advanced laser designed for an extremely gentle cataract surgery to aid recovery time. It provides an unparalleled level of accuracy and precision to some of the more challenging steps of cataract surgery such as:
1.       Capsulotomy – a centrally placed circular incision allowing access to the cataract.
2.       Lens Segmentation and Softening – treatment of the cataract to aid removal and minimize or eliminate ultrasonic energy delivered into the eye.
3.       Limbal Relaxing Incisions – used to treat astigmatism. The laser can produce these within pockets to offset dry eye conditions.
Cataract Incisions – precisely located incisions to allow access to the cataract.
How Does The Laser Differ From Traditional Cataract Surgical Techniques?
Traditionally blades are used to create incisions for lens treatment and removal. The laser uses computer guided imaging to produce a customized image of your eye. This image is the basis for the treatment plan to produce incredibly precise incisions instead of manual incisions with blades.
Usage of the laser to pre-treat the lens can minimize and in many cases eliminate the usage of phacoemulsification (ultrasonic) energy used within the eye, reducing recovery time.
Astigmatism correction
Astigmatism is an irregular curvature of the cornea. This irregularity can lead to a blurred, distorted vision. This condition can be treated with the CATALYS® Laser with the creation of Limbal Relaxing Incisions to address the corneal irregularity.
Review this animation which highlights the differences of the CATALYS® Laser compared to traditional surgery: Embed Patient Education Animation:

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