CATALYS® in Action

CATALYS Precision Laser Patient Education Animation
Learn about cataract surgery, using a laser versus traditional, and the benefits of choosing the Catalys Precision Laser System

CATALYS Precision Laser - Dr. William Wiley Procedure
Experience the benefits of the Catalys Precision Laser System from AMO as you follow Dr. William Wiley through a successful laser cataract procedure

The Catalys Precision Laser System for cataract surgery features full volume 3D Optical Coherence Technology (OCT); a three dimensional imaging technique that uses individual A-scans to identify anatomical surfaces

Laser Capsulotomy Versus Traditional
This is a side by side comparison of two different capsulotomy methods. The left side shows the traditional approach with a blade; a laser is featured on the right.

CATALYS Precision Laser - Incision Process
Watch the Catalys Precision Laser System incision and fragmentation process for laser cataract surgery

CATALYS Precision Laser Procedure Video
Dr. Jason Jones takes us through an entire laser cataract procedure using the Catalys Precision Laser System.

ForTec Precision Laser - OR Flow Animation
Learn how the Catalys Precision Laser System can be integrated into your daily operations