About CATALYS® Laser

With the Catalys Precision Laser System, easily reproducible noninvasive techniques used in laser-assisted procedures replace the least predictable and most demanding steps of conventional cataract surgeries.

Designed specifically for cataract surgery, the Catalys system offers:

  • LIQUID OPTICS INTERFACE — non-applanating, gentle docking with minimal IOP rise and clear optics for excellent imaging and laser delivery.

  • INTEGRAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM — Streaming 3D full-volume OCT and automated surface mapping algorithms that guide laser surgery.

  • Precise, free-floating capsulotomies within 30µm.

  • Segmentation and softening of the cataract with adjustable grid sizing.

  • Multiple corneal incision centration options based upon anatomical landmarks.


  • Anterior Capsulotomy

  • Lens Fragmentation

  • Arcuate Incisions in the Cornea

  • Multiplanar Primary and Sidepoint Cataract Incisions in the Cornea

  • View all of our procedure videos to see just how easy it is to use the Catalys system.